Your First Appointment

At Your First In-Person Physical Therapy Appointment

At Your First Telehealth Physical Therapy Appointment

Once your appointment is scheduled and confirmed, you will receive an email with documentation that will require your review and signature.

  • Day Of Your Appointment

    On the day of your first appointment, check your email! You will receive an invitation to meet your PT on a secure, HIPAA compliant video platform. If you have difficulty connecting, please call our office at 802-775-4372. Our team can help you.

  • The Evaluation

    A telehealth evaluation is very similar to an in-person evaluation.

    1. You and your PT will discuss your injury, your medical history, and your goals for treatment.
    2. Your PT will observe your movements, how you walk, your posture, and other specific functional tasks that may be indicated.
    3. You and your PT will discuss your plan of care and help you understand your symptoms better.
  • Tips

    1. Please situate yourself and your computer, iPad, or phone in a room where you have plenty of space to move around.
    2. Have a sturdy chair handy.
    3. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. If you have an upper body injury, please wear a tank top. If you have a lower body injury, please wear shorts.
physical therapy on a knee


Our friendly office staff is here to help you get started and direct your questions to the right practitioner.