Physical Therapy Services

The goal of physical therapy is to improve health and quality of life. We are movement experts and help you develop, maintain, and restore movement and function at any stage of life. Our treatments help you recover from injuries, relieve pain, manage chronic conditions, and prevent future injuries.

doctor performing physical therapy

Types of Therapy at Pro•Active

We have many tools in our toolbox to help you feel better as there isn’t a cookie cutter approach to treatment. A thorough evaluation helps us determine what treatment will help you best.

Can't make it in to the clinic?

Contact us to day to set up a virtual appointment to continue your care and treatment.


Helpful Links

We're committed to your health and to helping you feel better.  Below are some links you might feel useful in  beginning your physical therapy journey with Pro•Active Physical Therapy.

We're committed to keeping you safe

Patient safety has always been our priority, and these days it's more important than ever. You can trust that Proactive PT is doing our best to maintain a safe environment for all our patients and staff.

What our patients say about us

We are humbled to receive many kind words from our happy patients, and many new patients are referred to us by word of mouth. We hope you enjoy your experience with us just as much as they have.

Doctor's referrals & insurance

Don't let insurance prevent you from getting your life back! We are happy to work with your insurance company, and will try our best to accommodate different types of insurance. 


Free Injury Assessments

Not sure if you need physical therapy or if Proactive Physical Therapy is right for you? We provide a free consultation to help you get started on the path to feeling better.