Yoga with Darci is educational, challenging, and fun!

Proactive Physical therapy and Yoga helps people seeking to realize their own freedom from movement limitations because of age, injury, or from daily postures with expert instruction in yoga that is informed by science, by experiential anatomy and by mindfulness of movement. Darci teaches students to be curious while honoring their own abilities, structure, and alignment.

Yoga Foundations

This class is perfect for those new to yoga, recovering from an injury, or for an experienced practitioner wanting to get back to basics.  A combination of seated, standing, and supine poses that are designed to restore posture with a particular focus on finding the balance between flexibility and stability.

Yoga Foundations Plus

A mixed level class designed for those with more experience with yoga and fitness. Using the same concepts as in Yoga Foundations, this class will help you take YOUR yoga to YOUR next level. Beginners are welcome with an understanding that modifications may be needed.

Did you know? Yoga's been around for centuries, but the specific term "yoga therapy" was first coined in the 1920's by Swami Kuvalyananda, who spent his career researching the benefits of yoga. Today, yoga is often recommended by medical professionals as a way to reduce stress and encourage overall wellness. Source: The Minded Institute